Introduction to Pyrocool FEF — 0.4% FOAM CONCENTRATE


Pyrocool FEF – Fire Extinguishing Foam

Pyrocool Technologies was founded in 1991 to address the need to develop and create a new generation of industrial and commercial firefighting products. Its primary goal was to develop firefighting foams grounded in new technologies to replace conventional firefighting methods. Although very good in certain instances, existing firefighting foams had proven to cause harmful environmental side effects as well as the potential for long term potential toxicity to humans. Pyrocool Technologies’ efforts led to the development of PYROCOOL FEF, the most versatile fire fighting foam available today. Unlike other foams, PYROCOOL FEF can be used effectively on both pressurized and 3 dimensional fires, as well as on Class D combustible metal fires as well as acetone, gasoline and jet fuel etc.

In recognition of its outstanding technology, PYROCOOL Technologies received the 1998 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the Environmental Protection Agency in a ceremony held in Washington, D.C. at the National Academy of Sciences. This is the highest award given by the EPA for environmental contribution to the United States. No other fire fighting product has ever received this award.

PYROCOOL FEF has successfully extinguished many large-scale fires including the oil tanker Nassia in the BosporusStrait near Istanbul, Turkey. Lloyd’s of London had estimated that the fire would take at least one week to extinguish using conventional methods; however, using PYROCOOL the fire was extinguished in just 12.5 minutes. Just 1800 liters of “PYROCOOL FEF” was required to totally extinguish the fire. A truly stunning result in a situation that the respected MARITIME REGISTER AND ENGINEERING NEWS called “one of the worst fires in recent years”.

In late September 2001, PYROCOOL was used to extinguish subterranean fires at the World Trade Center in New York. A five man Emergency Response Team from PYROCOOL TECHNOLOGIES assisted the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) in extinguishing fires burning deep beneath Ground Zero. PYROCOOL FEF was the only fire extinguishment product to be used on the World Trade Center fires.  FDNY also used PYROCOOL FEF in fire extinguishers to cool superheated steel in void areas during recovery operations.

PYROCOOL FEF has been used around the world to extinguish mine fires, marine fires, wild land fires, structure fires and industrial fires and it has become the tool of choice for fire departments worldwide that are concerned about protecting the environment.