Pyrocool Aerosol

Pyrocool FEF is the premier multipurpose firefighting foam available today. Our FEF formulation can be used effectively against fires involving all types of Class B flammable liquids, including unleaded gasoline with MTBE additive as well as on highly volatile hydrocarbons such as military jet fuel. Unlike typical fluorochemical agents, firefighters can rely upon FEF to reduce burn-back and re-ignition concerns and can use FEF effectively against pressurized, three-dimensional, and running fuel fires. No other fire suppression agent can match this versatility. Further, Pyrocool FEF works against a variety of Class D combustible metal fires and, of course, is effective against fires involving ordinary Class A materials.

No AFFF product does what Pyrocool FEF can do and we have the test results to prove it!

Pyrocool FEF is intended for use at 0.4% in solution with fresh, brackish, or saltwater. This amazingly low concentrate to water ratio reduces acquisition costs, reduces shipping costs, reduces storage requirements and reduces container disposal costs without sacrificing firefighting performance. Unlike AFFF, no after-use costs (environmental clean-up) are associated with the use of Pyrocool FEF. Pyrocool Technologies has also been awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

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