About Us

Established in the early 1990s to develop and distribute the most innovative and environmentally responsible fire extinguishment and cooling products, Pyrocool Technologies has succeeded in providing 21st Century achievements to many of the most challenging fire emergencies around the world. When the tragic events of September 11, 2001 occurred in New York City, Pyrocool Technologies was proud to assist FDNY to extinguish and contain subterranean fires caused by the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Pyrocool Technologies remains committed to its goal of providing fire professionals everywhere with the most effective, versatile, environmentally responsible and cost efficient fire extinguishment and cooling products on the market.

Pyrocool FEF offers an environmentally responsible firefighting chemical that:

    • Is proven on real world fires.
    • Will save money.
    • Provides ease of logistics.
    • Will rapidly extinguish fires which will save firefighters time in the field – once the fire is extinguished, we have no reports of rekindle.
    • Will save water – typically fires are extinguished using 70% to 90% less water than using water alone or water mixed with other chemicals.
    • Will save wear and tear on equipment.
    • Has a clean Material Safety Data Sheet.
    • Is rapidly biodegradable and non-toxic.
kitchen fire

Kitchen fire extinguished with Pyrocool Aerosol!

The owners of Pyrocool Technologies Inc. wanted to develop products which avoided the side effects of global environmental damage and long term potential toxicity to humans found in conventional firefighting chemicals – in particular AFFF.

Pyrocool Technologies Inc. decided to take an approach different from the fifty year old concept of “film-sealing” a fire through the use of fluorocarbons and glycol ethers. Unlike conventional products, Pyrocool agents were developed to attack the heat component of the traditional fire triangle. By cooling fire site temperatures, Pyrocool products deprive fire of one of its essential element while at the same time increasing firefighting access and decreasing extinguishment time.

For their efforts, Pyrocool won the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award which is the highest award given by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Only 5 to 6 of these awards are given each year and Pyrocool Technologies Inc. is the only fire extinguishing chemical manufacturer to win this prestigious award.