Q. Why should I use Pyrocool FEF?
A. Because it is more effective in extinguishing a broader range of fires than any other product available. It is considerably more cost effective when compared to traditional foam and there are no after-use costs (clean up). In addition, Pyrocool FEF is fully and rapidly biodegradable, non- toxic and non-corrosive.

Q. So is Pyrocool FEF really cost effective?
A. Definitely. When you consider that you will have to use 7.5 to 15 times more of a competitor’s foam concentrate to treat the same amount of water, the cost savings becomes readily apparent. (This for AFFF 3% and 6% foam concentrates).

Pyrocool can

Pyrocool Aerosol Can

Q. Is Pyrocool FEF corrosive to pumps and other equipment?
A. Absolutely not. Pyrocool FEF has been extensively tested in the laboratory and the results confirm that it is not corrosive to fire fighting equipment. Pyrocool FEF was tested by the Hale Pump company in its 400 hour (continuous) flow test and found to be non-corrosive.

Q. Does Pyrocool FEF present an environmental hazard as does AFFF foam?
A. Quite the opposite. Pyrocool FEF is fully and rapidly biodegradable and is the only fire fighting chemical ever to have been awarded THE PRESIDENTIAL GREEN CHEMISTRY CHALLENGE AWARD by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Q. What are the cooling capabilities of Pyrocool FEF?
A. The cooling of fire site temperatures and temperatures of surrounding objects is dramatic and immediate. Extensive infrared thermography tests conducted by the internationally respected testing laboratory, SGS, confirm this fact.

Q. Our trucks have a Class A and a Class B foam tank. Would switching to Pyrocool FEF eliminate the need for our department to purchase two types of foam?
A. Absolutely and with a cost savings.